COVID-19 Policies

COVID-19 Updates 

In early March, I closed my clinic while I gathered information about how to optimize safety in a clinical setting alongside COVID-19 concerns. I have been preparing to gradually return to in-person clinical care, and need your partnership to create the safest environment possible. Below are some details on my safety protocols:


All visitors in the Saturn Building, where my office is located, are required to wear a mask in all common areas such as the lobby, hallways, bathroom, stairs, and elevator. Patients and practitioner will wear masks at all times during sessions. Please let me know ahead of time if you do not have access to a mask, as I can provide one if needed. If you have a medical condition that prevents you from safety wearing a mask, please let me know ahead of time so we can discuss this.

Safety & Training

As a licensed acupuncturist and licensed massage therapist, I have always maintained strict infection control protocols. With COVID-19 concerns, I have been keeping myself updated on information and protocols for COVID-19 infection control, hand washing, and personal protective equipment (PPE). I will continue to adapt to best practices as I follow guidance from the Department of Health as well as professional and other national organizations.

Physical Space

Counterpoint Wellness is located in Suite 204 in the Saturn Building, where I am the only provider using this space. I have a large window that will be kept open to help improve air flow, and I will have an air purifier running in clinic. If you arrive early, please wait in your vehicle or in a safe space for you until your treatment time arrives. I will be spacing out patients so that there is no overlap in the waiting room, and so that I can disinfect between patients.

Payments & Scheduling

Payments will be completed remotely via Square Invoice, to eliminate the need for handling credit cards or shared pens.

Therapist’s Personal Protective Equipment

I will be wearing a mask, and you may see me wearing a face shield as well, per health recommendations, and depending on how closely in contact I will be during the treatment. KN-95 masks or 3-ply medical masks may be worn. I will screen myself for symptoms each day.


I have a sink in my office so that patients can wash their hands upon arrival to clinic, and anytime needed during their time in my office. There is also a sink and bathroom down the hall. I will continue to wash my hands at the start and end of each treatment, and several times during a visit, as needed, for infection control.

Health Screening

Prior to the appointment, patients will be asked a list of questions relating to exposure and symptoms. I will be using a touchless thermometer to screen for any fever. I ask that any patient with symptoms such as cough, fever, sore throat, loss of taste of smell, or any new or unusual symptom refrain from coming to clinic until risk of illness has passed. I am waiving cancellation fees in order to reduce any financial stress associated with late cancellations due to illness, or also due to childcare or other challenges we are all facing during this time. I appreciate your letting me know ahead of time if you are not feeling well.


I will be using one-time use disposable sheets, and will be sanitizing objects or surfaces that are touched by patients. I will be using chairs that have easy to clean surfaces. I am adding extra time between patients to allow for extra disinfecting. I will be using cleaning products approved for COVID-19 by the Environmental Protection Agency. Additional Resources   While I am not treating COVID-19 related symptoms in my clinic, the acupuncture school that I graduated from, the Seattle Institute of East Asian Medicine, is a wonderful resource at this time. They are offering telehealth Chinese herbal medicine to support patients with suspected COVID-19 related symptoms. They are conducting a research study related to this that you can read more about here: