After a decade in Seattle, and during the pandemic, my family and I made the difficult decision to leave our home in Washington, and my wonderful acupuncture & craniosacral clinic in Seattle, and move to Southern California, where my husband and I both grew up. It is quite a thing to say goodbye to a practice that I spent years growing, and to my dear patients who I enjoyed so much, many of whom came to see me regularly for years. I am so grateful for all of the amazing people I’ve had a chance to work with during my time in Seattle, and I already miss seeing you in-person. I am grateful for the ability to do telehealth visits these days, and welcome any of my Washington patients to continue seeing me via telehealth if there is anything I can ever help you with.

I am just gearing up to open my new clinic here in Southern California, and am looking forward to returning to doing the hands-on work I love in my acupuncture & craniosacral sessions.

I look forward to doing health & healing work with the community here, and to using my work in any way that I can to help lift some of the heaviness and stress from this last year. Please feel free to reach out if you would like to connect.