“My experience with Samara was my first with cranio-sacral therapy and probably my 100th time with acupuncture. I went for a psychosomatic/physiological situation I had related to my post-partum body. Her work was gentle and pointed, and I felt a HUGE calm during and immediately after the appointment. Her intake alone calmed me a lot, feeling a sense of validation for coming and overall presentness in her demeanor. The therapy itself had lasting effects days afterwards and relieved me of much of the discomfort I was having. Wonderful to have practitioners like her.”
Aurora Z.

“I realized after my first visit with Samara that different from other practitioners and doctors I’ve seen, Samara is a healer. She’s helped ease some of my chronic issues, such as psoriasis, anxiety and headaches that no one else has been able to effectively address, from the inside out. While I’ve seen other holistic practitioners, I feel like her approach is truly holistic and any concerns I have are always considered and addressed. I find great relief, release and peace with every visit and trust her ability to help mend and bring well being to anyone in need.”
Cicelia R.

“Samara is a brilliant acupuncturist, craniosacral practitioner and all around healing genius!
She took care of me from about 20 weeks through to my birth, postpartum recovery – and now seven months later I still can tell a huge difference in my body and mental state if I go too long without seeing her.
She is amazing at helping support moms and babies, but also has helped me with carpal tunnel, digestive issues, an old hip injury, and helped soooooo much with anxiety.
oh- and the day after I told her I was ready to meet my baby, I went into labor! (acupuncture is one of the only evidence based interventions to jumpstart labor). Samara also did acupuncture on me in early labor, after which I took a 2 hour nap, and then had my baby 5 hours after that. pretty perfect!”
Sarah S.

“Samara is amazing. I’m an IBCLC (lactation consultant) in private practice and I often encounter babies who need body work because of asymmetries, tension, digestion issues or feeding problems. I’ve referred 100s of babies to Samara for help. I’ve also referred many, many adult clients to her for acupuncture. She is knowledgable, professional and gentle. My clients (and I) love her!”
Renee B.

“Samara is amazing! I originally sought craniosacral therapy for my pregnancy-related migraines, and since she has been a vital part of my health! The skillful CST and thoughtful acupuncture she provides has helped me immeasurably with nausea, heartburn, back pain, SI joint issues, symphysis pubis dysfunction, carpal tunnel, headaches, low energy, and more. I love our sessions and look forward to them all week. She is such a warm, understanding, caring person, and a highly intuitive provider. I give her my highest recommendation!”
Adeline H.

“My family and I saw Samara at her practice in Seattle. My son was developing torticollis and Samara’s craniosacral work was gentle and effective. Her kind, calm and warm energy instantly put my son at ease even though he was still quite young. I saw Samara myself for post-partum and anxiety work. Both her craniosacral work and her acupuncture were excellent and really helpful. I had never done acupuncture before and Samara’s patient explanations were great. I found Samara to be an excellent and perceptive  practitioner who I would highly recommend.”
Sarah O.

“I love the kind, present touch Samara offers. I went to her seeking relief for nervous system hypersensitivity and nerve sensation issues. I love that Samara has a variety of tools to offer, including craniosacral (one of my favorite things) and acupuncture. She is passionate about what she does and her care for her clients well-being shines brightly. I cannot recommend Samara enough!”
Jessica M.

“Samara is an amazing provider. She takes time to understand the client’s challenges, history and environment to provide the best and most healing care. I have struggled with a herniated disc, nerve damage and fertility challenges…all at the same time. Samara carried me through a difficult pregnancy and has been a partner in pain management over the last 3 years while achieving my goal to avoid surgery. I would highly recommend working with her!”
Elaine N.

“In the fall of 2014, our infant son Henry was having difficulty with nursing – his jaw was very tight, I felt pain when he latched, and he would not remain latched for more than a few seconds. Because of these issues, Henry was mostly eating from a bottle. When Samara came to our home, we were very impressed with her knowledge and ability to work with a small, and sometimes uncooperative, baby. We appreciated her calm and patient manner, and her explanations of what she was doing to help Henry’s jaw and cranium. After the first session with Samara, Henry nursed for over fifteen minutes without unlatching, and he has continued to become a very successful breastfeeder who rarely eats from a bottle. We are very grateful for Samara and her work to help our son thrive. In the fall of 2015, I began struggling with mastitis and plugged ducts while nursing my twin sons. Samara’s acupuncture and craniosacral work were pivotal in overcoming the issue so that I could continue to nurse my twins until they self-weaned. Samara always explains what she is doing as well as what she is reading from my body. I have seen several different acupuncturists in the past, but I have never felt so comfortable and understood the thought process behind Chinese medicine as well as when working with Samara. I cannot recommend her enough!”
Emilie P.

“Our baby Camden was born with torticollis. He had been squished in the same position so long in utero that his left ear was completely flat and his head leaned far to the right. Our lactation consultant recommended Samara to help lengthen him out. Since I had never had a cranial sacral session, I didn’t know what to expect but I thought we should give it a try. Samara came to our house, which was wonderful because we just weren’t up to going anywhere when he was only a week old. The work that Samara did on Camden was so gentle that he slept right through the session. After the session, I couldn’t believe what an improvement there was in his posture! There was a very noticeable difference in how much his head was cocked to the side and he was able to look in both directions. It was so wonderful to see him stretched out and comfortable. He has shown improvement with each subsequent session. We have truly enjoyed working with Samara and feel lucky that we started working with her when Camden was so young. She has a wonderful calming presence and is excellent with babies. I have recommended her to all of my friends with little ones!”
Bridget T.

“Samara is an amazing practitioner. I am a massage therapist and know how hard it can be to find perceptive skilled hands. She was able to help me achieve a superior level of relaxation and ease through my pregnancy. 3 weeks after giving birth to my daughter I started to have some trouble nursing. I was told she was restricted in the neck and shoulders making it difficult to latch. I was referred to Samara again by my lactation consultant who also said she did great work. I had seen results with just the first session, my daughters neck was much more free and her latch came much easier. I would highly recommend her, she is skilled and has a light and delicate touch for those who are more sensitive. ”

“Besides being a highly skilled practitioner, Samara is a gentle soul who radiates warmth and compassion. She cares deeply about her patients/clients and delves deeply into their specific reasons for seeking acupuncture or cranial sacral treatment. I think of her as a healer, and a trusted, go-to professional who I gratefully received care from and to whom I readily referred clients.”
Lisa N.

“I had just entered the third trimester of my third pregnancy when I found Samara. I was feeling worse than I ever had in my other two pregnancies. I had a feeling of extreme heaviness in my pelvis that made it very uncomfortable to walk, constipation, new varicose veins, and hemorrhoids. In addition, I was experiencing some stress from an on-going legal issue. My symptoms kept getting worse. At that rate of decline, I didn’t know how I was going to get through the last few months of my pregnancy.

After a few weeks of treatment with Samara, my symptoms stopped getting worse. And then I started to actually feel better. The hemorrhoid subsided and I became more regular. My varicosities even shrunk a little. The pelvis pressure lifted enough for me to be able to take daily walks again. I even felt like I could better handle the emotional stress I was experiencing.

I saw Samara weekly until giving birth on my due date (my first two pregnancies went to 41.5 weeks). My labor was efficient and the birth went smoothly without interventions or complications. Samara has a gentle touch and a soothing presence. I instantly felt at ease with her – even when discussing such sensitive symptoms. I think being able to have acupuncture and Cranio-Sacral work at the same appointment really sped up my healing. I highly recommend Samara – she is a truly gifted healer!”

“I’d had minor chronic knee pain for about seven years during which I’d tried a couple different types of treatment, including acupuncture. By last year, my knees’ condition was too routine for me to still think it could be corrected, but a new sharper back pain led me to reach out to Samara. She set out to help me with my back pain but also asked questions and approached each health issue I experienced like a puzzle that could be related to other experienced health issues. She’s an active listener who on-the-spot tailors each treatment to the information you give her. The strength of her intuition plus the deep thought behind her trial-and-error approach to complex hidden problems not only makes you feel incredibly supported, but inspires you to wonder just how much more healthy you could be, really. For me–after about four months of treatment–my back pain is alleviated, my knee pain is gone, my sinuses are clear, and my stress levels moderated. If you’re contemplating reaching out to her for help too, I’d urge you to do it, and not to grow complacent in your own health issues.”
Kevin P.

“I went to Samara for help optimizing my health and wellness while trying to conceive. Samara used craniosacral and some gentle acupuncture during my visit. From start to finish, Samara was professional, thorough and knowledgable. She shared what she was doing and why as well as the feedback she was receiving from my body.

I felt completely relaxed, rejuvenated and cared for throughout our session. My body was energized and nourished by the end of the session. I’m so grateful for Samara’s amazing work and I can’t wait to return.”
Maura S.

“I have been learning and seeking bodywork for more then 10 yrs. now. I was born with a neurological condition that created a lot of tension in my body. And I found massage was not enough to unwind sufficiently. That is when I found Samara. And she turned me onto cranial sacral. I gave it a try and the results were phenomenal. I would feel so much release during the sessions. And I would feel lighter and free after. As I saw Samara throughout the next couple of years I noticed a lot of the severe tension was leaving my body. And the results benefited every area of my life from thinking, to physical activities. It is a great system and she is truly gifted. Her refined sensitivity and intuition is such a valuable asset. ”
Carlo P.

“After my first acupuncture session with Samara I knew I would come back for more.  She listens thoroughly and treats me with a variety of techniques to address my concerns.  She added cupping for ongoing neck and shoulder tightness, and moxa for improved circulation, as well as herbs and foods to consider.  Samara is definitely concerned with whole body health, and it shows in her thoughtful and effective treatment.”
Gina T.

“You know how you go to IHOP all your life and grow up thinking they have the best French toast? You might try other, more gourmet places, but nothing compares. And then one day you’re in the Midwest for a wedding and you visit Cracker Barrel.  And you realize that until that moment, you had never experienced actual French toast. This. This plate of deliciousness before you is what French toast is supposed to be.

That, to me, is what Samara is like for cranio. I’d gone to oodles of other cranio practitioners, and there just is no comparison. It’s like my body knows what to do in her hands. She is a true healer.

I cannot wait for her to come back and visit SoCal, at which point I will drive 120 miles  – on the 405 –  to go see her.  She is truly that good.”
Elana A.

“Samara has a very deep interest in whole-body health, and I first met her as a yoga teacher. I was her student for a few yoga classes each week through years of stressful 12, 13, and 14 hour work days, and she helped to keep me as grounded and relaxed as possible. She taught the perfect combination of yin yoga (slow, deep holds) and flow yoga (faster, more aerobic) so that I was able to both work up a great sweat but still fully relax my mind and connect with my body while doing so. As her training has continued to expand beyond yoga, to encompass acupuncture, herbal remedies, anatomy, massage, and craniosacral therapy, I have visited Samara for quite a variety of health needs, both chronic and acute. Most recently, she assisted me in healing a hamstring tear with a combination of acupuncture, heat, and herbs, and she used cupping to help me with ongoing tightness in my mid and upper back. The vast breadth of her knowledge has always allowed Samara to quickly understand what was going on with my body and what would be most helpful on any particular day. I would absolutely recommend her to any of my friends and colleagues.”
Nathan B.

“I’ve been going to acupuncture and cranial sacro with Samara for the last few years. She is wonderful and has helped me with my migraines and other issues I’ve had. I highly recommend her.”
Michele A.

“Samara has an amazing ability to know exactly what you need whether it is cranial work, yoga, an adjustment to your diet or a combination of these things. She brings a combination of Eastern and Western medicine to her practice along with a genuine sense of caring about improving your health and overall well being. I worked with Samara through 3 years of intense work schedules and a serious health issue. She was a sensitive listener and recommended a program that helped get me back to full health. Samara’s current studies will only enhance the advice she can offer. I consider Samara a valuable life advisor and I look forward to working with her for many years.”
Elizabeth A.

“I was lucky enough to see Samara once a week for about a year through my employer’s fitness program. Our sessions always included craniosacral because it was extremely relaxing. So much so, that often, in just 15 minutes I was almost asleep. An impressive result given that it is very hard for me to relax so quickly and so deeply in the middle of an intense workday. I believe Samara truly has a gift for listening to the body. She is gentle and nurturing and truly cares about her client’s healing. I highly recommend her.”
Shirley Y.

“Samara is a wonderful practitioner.  I’ve regularly experienced her acupuncture to be very gentle and precise. She is a competent herbalist with superior training and is able to tailor formulas for each individual patient and every health concern.  As a practitioner she is attentive and diligent.  I trust her with all of my health concerns.  She an excellent and strong choice when deciding who to see as your acupuncturist and herbalist.”
Mayumi H.

“Samara has been extraordinarily sensitive to the particulars of how I am feeling at the time of my appointment. Her work, whether acupuncture or craniosacral, has elevated my sense of health, and confirmed my sense of self worth.”
Paul N.

“Samara is a warm and knowledgeable Chinese Medicine practitioner. I have seen her many times. She provides a comfortable environment for the health interview and acupuncture. I highly recommend her health care services.”
V. W.

“I started the acupuncture treatments for my headaches, stress, anxiety and associated digestive issues. The digestive issues have been resolved and the anxiety and stress symptoms have improved as well as my headaches.

I’ve had migraines for as long as I can remember. In the past I would have 2-4 bad cluster migraines per week. I tried over the counter and prescription meds but both only offered temporary relief. I started getting acupuncture from Samara and for the first time in my adult life I went 3 months without getting a single headache. What a relief. Her work is subtle yet goes to a deep level. Samara is so knowledgeable and attentive; I find the sessions themselves to be very relaxing.”
Jhon K.

“Samara’s work is deeply nourishing and relaxing. As a fellow bodywork practitioner I value her expertise and her kind intuitive hands. A session with her provides deep relaxation, refreshing both the mind and the body. I always look forward to receiving her work.”
Eliza P.

“Samara has reduced my pain level over 50% and it has cut done my needs for medication as well. Her work with me was sensitive, compassionate and effective in giving me a much needed break from constant back pain. I highly recommend you see her and enjoy the freedom from pain!”
Ray C.

“I’ve seen Samara for a few different ailments, and I was very satisfied with my treatment each time.

One time, after several hard workouts, I was experiencing a familiar pain around my elbow and forearm, which had typically lasted for days or weeks when it came. After the last instance of the pain, I was able to have Samara treat it early on with acupuncture. This time, the next day it felt a LOT better – I didn’t even notice a little twinge of pain until the afternoon, when typically before it would be pretty intense for days and linger for a week or more. I found her very knowledgeable with her anatomy and I thought the needling seemed to work really well for me. She has also instructed me to try various herbal formulas when I haven’t been feeling great – seemingly on the verge of being sick or other instances where there was just something off. I’ve done really well with the herbs she prescribed, and have generally felt my condition really come back to balance and normalcy.

Her amazing craniosacral work simply has to be experienced. You get to lie down and relax, and she finds certain places on your head to hold with very subtle pressure. She never seems to increase the pressure from these light holds, but somehow the experience is very deep, and I’ve felt an incredible ebb and flow of fluid or energy or something, and my head seems to move around almost on its own. They call this unwinding, so Samara has told me. It’s really cool. Afterwards I’ve usually experienced really nice relaxation and a release of tension in my head I didn’t completely realize was there.

I’d definitely recommend seeing Samara at Counterpoint Wellness.”

“I was recently in an accident and scheduled appointments with Samara for acupuncture and craniosacral work to help with stiffness and pain in my neck and back as well as with shock. After just one visit I felt so much relief! I have had a lot of acupuncture and Samara’s work is very impressive! She very gentle yet effective. I had never had craniosacral work before and did not know what to expect. Samara gave me a great intro so I could understand. About half way through the most recent session I was so relaxed that I was just about asleep and in a dream-like state.

Looking forward to my next visit. I would recommend Samara to anyone looking for this type of body work!”
Liz W.

“Samara is a skillful, intuitive healer. I have received a variety of modalities of bodywork, but I have never experienced the level of relaxation with anyone else that I have when working with Samara. I was so relaxed that I actually fell asleep on the table on two different occasions! I consider myself a more anxious person, so it speaks very highly of the level of trust that I was able to access with her for this subtle, yet very powerful work. Samara is kind, approachable and extremely knowledgeable, and I can’t recommend her highly enough.”
April G.

“Samara’s innate sensitivity and gentle touch make her sessions a relaxing and safe experience. She has a wonderful ability to tune into the subtle cranial rhythms. With care and attentiveness she releases myofascial tension. Her work combines a deep perception of the craniosacral system and understanding of Chinese medicine.”
Shayna S.

“I recently received an acupuncture and craniosacral treatment from Samara and am very impressed by her skills and knowledge. I felt completely at ease and was able to drop into a state of deep relaxation which was so rejuvenating. If you haven’t given Craniosacral Therapy or Acupuncture a try, I highly recommend Samara!”
Sarah K.

“After 45 hours of labor, I went in for a C-section. My little one had been wrapped in my cord and unable to descend. She seemed a little crooked and fairly unresponsive, which is normal for a newborn, but I wanted her to have the best beginning! I’ve known Samara for a long time and as someone who is also in the healthcare community, I knew she was the one I wanted working on my brand new daughter. The kiddo responded very well, and her neck and hips were much more relaxed after her first treatment. She also became much more aware of her surroundings! We had a few more meetings with Samara where the baby’s mobility was assessed and treated, and her latch improved tremendously. We haven’t had any problems since, now 7 months out, but I wouldn’t hesitate to return to Samara for almost any issue with the babe and will certainly book an appointment for right after any new baby’s birth!”
Ashley Y.

“At 41 weeks, the midwives sent me to get an ultrasound where we were all surprised to learn my baby was breach. There was no way to tell how long she had been breach, as the midwives had not detected this at any point. As a result, the first few weeks of having her home we struggled with a tongue-tie issue and her poor little arms and shoulders were so tightly held against her body, which all affected breast-feeding. In addition there were worries about her hips because of her breach position. Our pediatrician recommended Samara for craniosacral and we were pleased to learn she could do sessions in our home. I think our baby girl was just around 4 weeks old or so for her first session. Samara was gentle and precise. She exuded calm, healing, centered energy. Our pets and baby took an instant shine to her and over a couple of months she helped our baby loosen the tension in her neck and shoulder muscles and her hip ultrasounds went from inconclusive to perfect. I was actually sad when our daughter stopped needing regular appointments with Samara because I had begun to look forward to her attentive, warm presence, which was very reassuring for a first time mother in the murky postpartum world of change and worry. I would recommend Samara to anyone looking for perceptive, gentle and effective body work for themselves or a newborn. Samara made us all feel safe, hopeful and confident that our baby was getting the best possible start in life. Our little girl is now a busy, noisy 9 month old with perfect development and I think her early sessions with Samara most definitely helped her and gave us peace of mind that we had done all we could to mitigate any possible harm from being in a breach position for an extended period of time.”