Payment: All major credit cards and HSA/FSA cards accepted. Cash and check accepted.

Insurance: I am an out-of-network provider for all health insurance companies and collect payment at the time of each visit. I am happy to provide a detailed receipt, or superbill, which you can submit to your insurance company. Please check your healthcare plan to determine your out of network acupuncture benefits. Many patients find they are able to get a significant portion of the visit reimbursed. You may also use your HSA or FSA funds to pay for visits.

I have chosen to be an out of network provider because it allows me the freedom to provide more quality time for your treatments without being confined to the limits imposed by insurance companies. I see one patient per hour in my clinic, and am able to customize my treatments according to what you need on any given day. I offer acupuncture, craniosacral work, acupressure, Chinese herbal medicine, and lifestyle and dietary recommendations, and I combine all of these modalities in each treatment as needed.

My patients have reflected that they love the combination of modalities that I offer, and the care that I take in deeply listening to them in order to be a good detective and partner in their journey to feeling the best they can in their bodies. 


I offer a complementary 20 minute phone consultation to give you a sense of how my work can support you, and to answer any questions you may have.

First acupuncture office visits are approximately 90 minutes and subsequent treatments are approximately 1 hour. 

Acupuncture & East Asian Medicine:
Acupuncture & East Asian Medicine First Office Visit (90 min): $200
Acupuncture Return Office Visit (50-60 min): $125

Craniosacral Therapy:
Craniosacral First Office Visit: $200
Craniosacral Return Visit (60 min): $200
Craniosacral Return Visit (45 min): $150
Craniosacral Return Visit (30 min): $100

Combined Acupuncture & Craniosacral Visits:
Acupuncture + Craniosacral First Office Visit: $200
Acupuncture + 15 min of Craniosacral Return Visit: $125
Acupuncture + 30 min Craniosacral Return Visit: $175

Telehealth Consults:
These wellness sessions include guided acupressure, guided craniosacral work, acupressure & craniosacral tutorials, herbal consults, food therapy recommendations, and movement and exercise recommendations. Telehealth sessions are conducted via a HIPAA-compliant audio and video service.

Telehealth Rates:
$150 (60 min) – New patient & extended sessions for return patients. Appropriate length appointment for guided self-acupressure/ craniosacral visits, partnered guided acupressure tutorials, or other more in-depth appointments.
$100 (40 min) – Available for return patients & herbal consults.

Your Initial Visit

Please wear comfortable and loose fitting clothing, as you will be fully clothed during treatment. Please avoid coming in with an empty stomach. During your appointment, Samara will take a detailed medical history, review all of your medications and supplements, address your concerns, and devise a treatment plan. You will be able to relax on the treatment table and receive your acupuncture and/or craniosacral treatment. At the end of your visit, Samara will recommend any supplements, herbal treatments, or food therapy recommendations that may be appropriate.