Parent/Caregiver’s Tea: Pediatric Acupuncture with Samara White

I’ll be speaking this Tuesday at the Seattle Holistic Center’s Parent/Caregiver’s Tea. Come hear about Pediatric Acupuncture & Chinese Medicine! 12:45pm this Tuesday, January 23rd, in a cozy and laid-back setting. Mother’s Tea is a lovely place to relax and connect with
other parents, caregivers, and babies. More information on the Seattle Holistic Center website:


I will share how gentle pediatric acupuncture, acupressure, & Chinese Medicine can help with all sorts of pedatric issues, including: digestive and sleep issues, allergies, anxiety, ADD/ADHD, sinus congestion, ear infections, headaches, pain & injuries, and eczema and other skin conditions. it can also be wonderfully supportive during cold and flu season, and to help bolster the body’s immune system. I will also teach some simple acupressure and massage that parents and kids can do at home for themselves.