My Newly Published Acupuncture Book for Kids!

I’m excited to share the news that my children’s book about Acupuncture & Chinese Medicine is now available! I’ve been working on this book all year, written by myself and illustrated by my husband, graphic designer, Troy White.

The story is about a girl, Maya, and her friends, Bobby Bear and Ellie Elephant, who go on an adventure together exploring the methods and magic of Chinese Medicine. When Maya gets sick, they visit Dr. Meow, a feline acupuncturist, who demystifies the experience of going for an acupuncture visit. Along the way, she explains concepts such as Qi and Yin & Yang in a fun and friendly manner. The friends leave the office looking at the world in a new light, and Maya feels much better after her treatment.

In writing this book, I wanted to teach kids about the concepts of Chinese Medicine and make the whole process a fun and adventurous journey. I hope that this book can be a great resource for parents to talk with their kids about acupuncture and Chinese Medicine. It can also be a wonderful book to have in the waiting room of an acupuncture office to explain to kids what a visit might look like and help get them excited about visiting the acupuncturist! Just about every adult that I’ve shown this to so far has learned a little something new about acupuncture, too!

You can read more about it on the book’s website: