Musical Counterpoint

The name of my practice is Counterpoint Wellness. In music, counterpoint is “a combination of individual melodic voices that together form a harmonious whole.” I’ve been really enjoying exploring Seattle parks lately with the Pianos in the Parks event they do during summer; placing colorful and distinct pianos in public spaces for the community to enjoy. I was playing the baby grand piano in Bellevue Botanical Gardens and began playing the piece in the video below: Invention 14 in Bb Major by Bach. This piece highlights counterpoint, which Bach is well known for.



As you might notice, the right and left hands account for two separate voices which dance around each other in distinct but complementary melodies, and sometimes synchronize with each-other perfectly.

This is reflected in my understanding of the practice of acupuncture and craniosacral work, and of how people’s physical and energetic bodies are sometimes playing different tunes. I listen to each patient’s physical, energetic, and emotional state, diagnose the discordant element, and through my treatment help them to achieve harmony.